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Hey, Have you checked out the Samsung Qwerty Mobile S390 G yet?

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People who find it difficult to type on virtual keyboards, keep on looking for  all the QWERTY mobile phone  keypads. Blackberry mobile phones are considered preferable in this regard due to the Qwerty keypad . However most people are not much satisfied with its other features such as the quality of sound or the image quality.

Samsung is one popular company when it comes to mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. But the number of qwerty cellphones launched by the Samsung company is slightly lower. All the Samsung Mobile phone clients, on the other hand, want their favorite company to launch more and more  qwerty mobile phones such that they are not touch sensitive.  One of these Qwerty mobile phones is Samsung S390 G.

This video below will help you with a  basic review of the Samsung Qwerty mobile S390 G.

Samsung S390G qwerty wifi phone by bestprep


With an excellent sound quality, Samsung S390 G is one phone available in the amazon stores for just $34 and recently its on sale for $19.   Along with that the new Samsung S390 has Wi-Fi,  bluetooth connectivity,  320 x 420 display and a memory slot to begin with.  The Samsung Qwerty phone is known for its advance features a few steps ahead from the basic Samsung Flip mobile phone.  No doubt, the Qwerty keypad is a very plus point of the Samsung S390 phone and makes texting a lot easier for the user.  But it has other value able features too, such as voice recognition, video player and email options.